Watch: How to make Afro-boer’s braaibroodjies

Melting cheese, golden brown bread, and an oozy sweetness: A well-made braaibroodjie is the highlight of any braai. But, much to our dismay, it’s not something that’s often served in restaurants.

One Pretoria restaurant is bucking the trend. Situated in Die Wilgers, Afro-boer opened up three years ago, and has since become a local favourite. It boasts a menu that captures the best of classic café cuisine and Afrikaans culture – with a few innovative twists. We asked the team to share Afro-boer’s winning formula for braaibroodjies. (Don’t worry, they’re also available on banting bread.)


Want to recreate Afro-boer’s braaibroodjies yourself?

For the braaibroodjies:
Sourdough bread
Brie cheese
Farm butter
Caramelised onions

For the salad:
Orange segments
Cooked beetroot
Pear slices

Butter the outsides of the bread. Top with caramelised onions and the sliced brie. Cover with the second slice of bread, and place on the braai. Toast until golden and crispy. Serve with a salad of rocket, orange beetroot and pear.

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