This cooking channel will make you feel super chilled

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? That everything is going too fast and too furiously? A remedy exists that is almost as good as a cup of herbal tea, massage with essential oils or walk in a forest – but it’s in video format.

Meet Peaceful Cuisine, a concept by Japan-based super-chilled dude Ryoya Takashima (who was brought to our attention by this story on AV Club).

Instead of showcasing a garbling, smirking celeb chef with personality, the exquisitely shot and -lit videos hero the spin of a glass jar being opened, the hush of chickpeas rushing into a bowl, the rising frequency of water gradually filling its container, and the sound of the gas flame click-whooshing into action.

With minimalist instructions on screen and no music, many of the shots are in real time, allowing you to relish the most satisfying parts of the cooking process, like watching your batter slowly come together, peeling back the lid on a can of coconut milk with a flourish, or seeing your coconut oil become liquid in the hot pan.

The channel’s recipes are all vegan, including how-tos for home-made dumplings, banana crème brulée, kimchi, and chickpea miso.

Watch for yourself and feel instantly serene right now.

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