Where to buy your Christmas roast

It’s just under two weeks until Christmas Day. The tree is up, the menu is planned, and the seating list has been expertly crafted to avoid festive family bickering.

Whether you’re going for a bird, beef or gammon these holidays, it’s only right that your gleaming roast will be accompanied by potatoes with glossy gravy, pickles, mustard, cranberry sauce and all the extras. And just think of the killer sandwiches you’re going to make with the leftovers…

We’ve put together a list of all the butcheries and delis offering fancy festive meat this holiday season. Find your beautifully prepared turkey, duck and gammon at these stores – and some of them will even cook and garnish the meat for you. One more thing ticked off the to-do list. Just don’t forget to call ahead and order or pop in early to avoid disappointment.


Braeside Butchery
Buy gammon, turkey and duck (fresh or frozen). Select from the fridge or order two to three days in advance.

The Butcher Shop and Grill
Buy gammon (cooked or fresh) and duck (frozen).

Buy gammon, turkey and duck (fresh or frozen). Order at least five to six days in advance.

Nussbaum’s Kosher Butchery
Order turkey and duck (frozen) online or find it in the fridge at the store.

Oakland’s Butchery
Buy gammon (fresh, glazed, smoked, cooked off or on the bone), and frozen turkey and duck. Order two to three days in advance.

RM Meats
Buy frozen ducks, turkeys and geese. Also on offer is rolled, cooked, glazed and garnished ham. Order before 18 December 2012.

Rembrandt Butchery
Buy frozen gammon and duck. These are available in store and there is no need to order in advance.

Sandton Butchery
Buy a frozen or fresh turducken (a chicken within a duck, within a turkey). Also on offer is glazed gammon with pineapple and cherries, as well as smoked gammon. These can be ordered, but are on the counter at the moment.

Schwaben Butchery
Buy frozen gammon and turkey breast, as well cooked whole turkeys. Orders are not taken so get there early while stocks last.

Tirolean Meat Berliner
Buy fresh gammon, frozen duck and imported turkey. Order at least one week in advance.


Alma Butchery
Order fresh and frozen gammon and turkey five to six days in advance.

Groenkloof Butchery 
Buy gammon (frozen or cooked). Order five to six days in advance (available from 18 December 2012).

Uitkyk Butchery
Buy fresh and frozen gammon and turkey. They also have smoked fresh or smoked pre-cooked gammon that you can find in the fridge, or order a day or two in advance.


Bavarian Butchery and Deli (now closed)
Order gammon – fresh, smoked, cooked or glazed – five days in advance.

The Food Market
Buy fresh gammon and duck at the Christmas market on 22 December 2012 from 11am to 10pm.

Highbury Meats
Order gammon (cooked, deboned, smoked) and turkey (frozen) five to six days in advance.

Hope Meats
Buy fresh or smoked gammon. Order online or visit the Shongweni Farmers market this Sunday for their Christmas market where Hope Meats will be selling all roasts such as deboned lamb, lamb shoulders, jumbo chickens, pork roast, pork shoulder, pork belly rolls and beef roasts.

Karoo Kitchen
Buy gammon (fresh, cooked and glazed); turkey (frozen); and duck (free-range and frozen). Order a week in advance.

Mr Mozzie’s
Buy gammon (uncooked on or off the bone); ham (cooked and decorated with pears and cherries); turkey (frozen and smoked); and duck (frozen).

Cape Town
Black Forest Butchery
Buy fresh gammon, frozen duck and turkey. The gammon is also offered cooked and glazed, and the duck and turkey stuffed and cooked. Orders are taken until 15 December 2012.
Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants
Buy whole duck, duck breasts, whole quail and guinea fowl. Also try the ready-to-eat or roasted-in-30-minutes smoked pork hock. Order via email and collect from the shop.
Gardens Continental Butchery
Buy fresh gammon and frozen turkey and duck. Orders are taken until Christmas Eve, but to avoid disappointment, early orders are encouraged.
Gastro Foods
Buy freshly frozen gammon, turkey breasts and local free-range duck. Also get cooked gammon and frozen turkey rolls and turkey breasts. Order at least three days in advance.
Buy duck, geese, prime rib on the bone and gammon. Order at least two weeks in advance.
Raith Gourmet
Buy your gammon and get it baked and glazed for you. Duck and turkey are offered frozen, but can be cooked on request. Order by 20 December 2012.
Rodenburg’s Butchery & Deli
Buy a cooked and glazed gammon. Order as soon as possible as stock is running out.
By Jodi Seale and Kelly Pluke
Photographs: Kimberley Vardeman, Jesse Gillies, Adie Reed, Fiona Henderson, George Grinsted, Aidan Sally, Tim Dawson, Jules:stonesoup, Jerry Pank and Lucius Kwok

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