Aurelia’s Restaurant at Emperors Palace

Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Reviewed by Roelia (Boozy_Foodie) Schoeman

Date of visit: 15 Aug 2019 A visit to Aurelia's is always a treat. The beautiful and luxurious ambience and attentive service are tops! We were keen to try out the winter menu items, comfort food with a stylish twist. Firstly, looking at the wine list it is quite impressive. It features some local favourites as well as luxury imported brands. They also have a good selection of wine-by-the-glass which is always great for flexible food pairings. We started off with starters from the small plates menu, keeping with a #ProudlySA theme! Bobotie Tortellini and Venison Boerewors Pinwheel! Super tasty and beautifully plated. Those fried pap croquettes! Looking at the menu, with all the mouthwatering options, I decided to go for a 'lighter' mains, seeing that I just had to have the Crepes Suzette for dessert. I opted for a meal that was light, a real burst of colour, the sweet potato gnocchi. My dinner partner couldn't resist the hearty Oxtail Papardelle. Gorgeous tummy-warming comfort food. The table-side presentation of the Crepes Suzette is such a classic favourite. A real show! My dinner partner had the Rooibos Lemon Meringue, that came deconstructed - what a feast of textures and flavours. What a lovely experience! Aurelia's calls their style of cuisine #Afroperial (adj. A classical fusion of imperial Roman tradition and elegance, melted with bold, modern African cuisine). And it is done perfectly! Thank you so much for hosting us.
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