Primi Piatti (Eastgate)

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Reviewed by Vanashree Moodley

What a disappointing experience. My hubby kids and I normally look fwd to going to Primi. The last 2 visits were awful. We went for supper just after Xmas, while mopping and cleaning, we had to wait for our waiter to eventually take our orders. While moving chairs about, he carried kids pasta( which was thrown onto plate so landed on the side of plate)and practically flung it on the edge of the table. While eating, the floors were being mopped and so were our feet and shoes. While talking to waiter, he left mid sentence. Kids had to ask a number of times for some dough.eventually a small ball was given for 2 kids to share. The aprons for kids were absolutely filthy and smelly. The food was really really awful. After a very disastrous meal and having to wait a very long time for bill, it arrived wth waiter holding a mop in one hand. A truly disappointing experience.
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