Renato Trattoria

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Reviewed by Graham West

The Trattoria refused to honour a voucher purchased online from Hyperli, despite the fact that it was still valid. The manager said that they have had problems getting payment from Hyperli so have decided not to honour the voucher. She said I must contact Hyperli to try get a refund. This is unnaceptable business practice and contravenes the Consumer Protection Act, a business cannot simply decide to not honour a voucher that has been purchased through an approved channel. It is not the customer's problem that there are, as she said "technical difficulties" in the business relationship between Hyperli and the Trattoria - they chose to use Hyperli as a sales partner. I got the impression that they wanted to serve us at full price and that the voucher was simply bait to get people to the restaurant. I do not think you can trust these people, I think they will try and rip you off.
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