Roots at Forum Homini

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Reviewed by Alma Pretorius

Roots is a special restaurant - its situated in a game reserve and is part of the Forum Homini Hotel. While you're driving to the restaurant, you cannot believe that you're in Johannesburg ... its just pure country. At R210 per person for a 5 course Saturday brunch, this is not your every day restaurant ... but it is quite worth it! As you walk towards the restaurant, keep your eyes peeled on the ground ... my hubby missed stepping on a snake by a few centimeters! There are interesting sculptures in the grass, a stunning lounge area with very interesting wall tiles and gorgeous scatter cushions! The waiters are friendly and efficient and I like the quirky decor of the chairs. The food ... wow! We started off with a Yoghurt Panacotta with a chocolate cup, chocolate shavings, fresh kiwi, peach, melon and elderflowers. It was amazing!!!!! So light, refreshing with that indulgence of chocolate. Next up was scrambled eggs, served with Salmon, Peas, truffle oil and Melba Toast. It was yummy. For me the portion could have been smaller. Our next course was Pork and butter bean ragout on toast - the flavours were just out of this world!!!!! Really tasty. We then moved on to dessert - Baklava with spiced ice cream. Scrumptious!!!!!!! By now, I have already shared some of my courses with my hubby .... although I had most of his Baklava. Dessert cannot be missed. Our final course ... what a let down!!! As you can see, every single course has been presented elegantly, creatively and looked amazing. But then you end with ... mini croissants, muffins, scones???? Really???? I've just finished 4 courses of sublime food and now you end me off with a stodgy, unappetizing-looking, every day platter???? I absolutely loved the jam though .. can't remember what it was. I would have switched the 1st course (the yoghurt panacotta) and the last course (croissants/muffins) - OR I would have really loved the last course to be a selection of cheeses with preserved fruit. This is really an experience not to be missed ... the countryside, coupled with a few bucks along the road, the peaceful setting, the divine food, the exquisite decor inside and outside ... and you can even book a chalet for the night.
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