Salsa Mexican Grill (Umhlanga)

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Reviewed by Nick Phillips

Salsa and Mythos in Umhlanga are owned by the same people and we have eaten at both. Our experience at Mythos was good but on Sunday we decided to try the Mexican style of Salsa. We ordered a simple Burrito and a Chilli Con Carne bowl. Fourty five minutes later out food arrived cold and we sent it back. Ten minutes later it arrived cold and we sent it back again. Thirty minutes later it was presented again warm and accept As people who have enjoyed Mexican food in the USA and Mexico we have to remark that, while the dishes served were acceptable, they were far from being Mexican style. Mexican food is bursting with herby, cilantro flavours and spikes of peppery heat while the mixes we were presented with were bland and uninteresting with an excess of rice padding. As far as our overall experience was concerned we noted that management seemed disinterested in our problems and made no attempt to apologise or make amends for the poor service and presentation that we experienced. Our advice to the owners, who we have also had the pleasure of meeting, is that Salsa needs a serious revamp if it is to make its mark as a Mexican restaurant, especially before the holiday crowds arrive in the Easter holidays. We wish them well and will give Salsa another try then.
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