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Friday, August 8th, 2014

Reviewed by Ced Linz

We were extremely disappointed with our experience at Catharina’s last night.
On arrival, we were seated at our table and offered a glass of water – and then apparently forgotten. We requested a wine list from a waiter – this did not arrive.Eventually asked a different waiter for a wine-list. He had 2 in his hands, so he gave us one.The white wine arrived at our table unchilled. It tasted bad, so we sent it back and had it replaced with Cab sav.
We decided on Gnocchi and the Risotto dish. The risotto was ok, but had far too much chilli. We did not complain about this. However, the gnocchi dish was inedible. The sauce tasted of raw flour and the gnocchi itself was stodgy. We sent it back.
To be fair, the soup was good, as was the dessert.
We asked to speak to the manager, who responded professionally, offering us drinks and a heartfelt apology, for which we are grateful.
We’re still not certain whether we’ll return to Catharina’s after our experience.
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