3 smart ways to make desk lunch delicious


Thinking out of the box is the best way to not to be bored (or disillusioned) with your new healthy eating regime. Here are three ways to keep things interesting in the lunchbox department.

1. Supercharge your salads

Add interest with spice mixes, flavoured vinegars, crunchy salad toppers such as seeds, nuts or crispy onion flakes and don’t be shy to experiment with interesting new ingredient combos. And if you don’t have time to get creative? Grab some ready-made options to go. Think cabbage, fennel and green bean slaw with an apple-and-mint vinaigrette, or hummus-and-tahini salad with shredded chicken.


2. Snack smart

That four o’clock packet of chips isn’t going to see you through until dinner, just in case you thought it might. When it comes to snacking, eating low-GI, high protein foods are a good bet as they keep you feeling fuller for longer. Raw, unsalted nuts, seeds, crunchy raw veg and small portions of fresh fruit are all great bets. And for those days you feel like mixing it up a bit? Stock your drawer with a selection of nifty snack options: mini-seed cracker and almond butter dip, roasted seaweed snacks, toasted coconut chips and quinoa and mixed nuts nibbles keep your interest piqued come afternoon slump.

3. Redesign your lunchbox

Ditch the tired cheese-and-tomato sarmies for a satisfying smorgasbord you’ll actually look forward to eating come 1 o’clock. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Never run out of inspiration for exciting, healthy lunchbox fillers again. Pop into your nearest Woolies to find your favourite.


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