Food trucks to follow in and around Pretoria

Whether you’re looking for stuffed tacos, risotto balls or waffles on sticks – Pretoria’s food trucks have it all. Here’s our round-up of great meals on wheels in Pretoria.

Imbuzi Cafe

Imbuzi Cafe trades at the Deep Roots Night Market, the Cesar Square Market and at the Fijnwijn wine festival. Their burgers are definitely the most popular, with bacon making an appearance regularly, along with rosemary, cream cheese and blue cheese. There’s also a must-try goat burger.
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The Imbuzi Café Food Truck. Photo supplied.


TacoKombi is a regular at all kinds of markets and festivals around Pretoria. They mostly trade at the Hazel Food Market on Saturdays, but often do private and corporate functions. You should definitely go for their tacos, which can be made with beef or chicken and are served with avo, salsa, jalapeños, lettuce, cheese and sour-cream mayo. Their nachos are pretty awesome, too.
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Nachos from Taco Kombi. Photo supplied.

Sprout 360 Urban Food

A regular at Market @ The Sheds, Sprout offers a range of delectable dishes, but one of their most popular is surely the risotto balls. The hotdogs score a close second, though.
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Pink Waffle Cabin 

Another regular at markets and events is Pink Waffle Cabin, with their adorable bubblegum-pink food truck. Find them at the Deep Roots Night Market and Hazel Food Market as well as festivals and events all around Gauteng. Real Belgian waffles are the star and come topped with your choice of ice cream, cream or candy bars (think Crunchie or Bar One). If you’re looking for a more mobile option, try one of their waffles on a stick.
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This is so delicious #PinkWaffleCabin

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Pla-teo Authentic Spanish Taste

These guys bring Spanish flare to Pretoria with their larger-than-life paellas and freshly made churros. They also offering catering for events, and with that comes a wider menu that includes Spanish cheese and charcuterie platters.
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The Purple Bull

If you’re looking for a great packed-to-the-brim beef sandwich, The Purple Bull should be on your radar. They don’t have a regular gig, but look out for them at big festivals and private functions around Pretoria (and the greater Gauteng area).
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Posted by The Purple Bull Food Truck – Home of The Perfect Beef Sandwich on Monday, August 13, 2018


The SmoKings smoke everything – chicken, beef brisket and even vegetables. Grab a bowl or one of their mobile-friendly tacos (that come wrapped up in foil). Meat-eaters and vegans are both welcome.
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Some SmoKings meals

Some SmoKings meals. Photo courtesy of the food truck.

Did we miss your favourite Pretoria food truck? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll investigate. Also see our Joburg list here.

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