21 of the coolest food trucks in and around Joburg

Looking for a food truck in Jozi? This is our bumper guide, created with your favourites in mind, plus a way to find each.

Balkan Burger

The bigger, better Balkan bus with its red-and-black livery and moustache is on the go – you can find it at the Fourways Market on Sundays and they also do corporate catering! They have a huge following that loves the famed Serbian cheeseburgers made with delicious hand-ground beef patties, super spicy red-pepper sauces and moreish Serbian kashkaval cheese. All this is tucked into soft sesame buns that make the most of the delicious juices.
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The Balkan Burgers Food Truck and duo. Photo supplied.


Our comments section on Facebook all but blew up with discussion of Blackchef’s burgers. More than one person said these were some of the best burgers they’ve ever had, and that’s a good enough recommendation for us. They also serve wings and boerie rolls that come with as much praise, so make sure to look out for these guys.
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The Chairman’s Choice

Look forward to fried chicken and burgers, as well as other delicious treats from this striking blue bus. They’re regulars at the Hoods in Sandton.
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Culture Kitchen

Based in Sandton, Culture Kitchen does major outdoor art and food festivals all over the country, in addition to catering locally. Their braai-food repertoire includes pulled pork, brisket-enclosed mac and cheese, and eggs Benedict on homemade buns. (According to our Facebook community, you absolutely have to try that last one. In fact, anything at this spot seems to be exceptionally popular!) They also have tasting menus of four or eight courses, which include wine.
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We are trucking it today! Private event in #roodeplaatnaturereserve today and the sticky BBQ wings with smoky chipotle…

Posted by Culture Kitchen on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Eighty 8’s Food Co.

Drawing on flavours from Portugal, Asia, Australia and South Africa, Eighty 8’s food is as inventive and fun as the truck from which it’s served. You’ll find them at most foodie events, but they’re also available for private catering.
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A massive paella being prepared at Eighty 8's food truck

A massive paella being prepared at Eighty 8’s food truck. Photo courtesy of the food truck.

Engine 67

Smash burgers, chicken wraps and tortilla salad bowls are the order of the day at Engine 67, served out of a converted fire truck.
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Filthy Moustache

If burgers and hotdogs are your thing, you should definitely track these guys down. They’ve transformed USA street food into a South African art, armed with nothing more than juicy patties, jalapeños, caramelised onions and a whole lot of melted cheese. If you don’t get them to cater for your event, find them at beer festivals around Jozi.
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Food on These Streets

Expect some lekker local treats from these guys. The menu changes regularly, but you can look out for their foot-long wors rolls, chicken curries and pap with chakalaka.
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Go Fish Food Truck

These guys focus on bringing the best fish that Cape Town has to offer to Joburg, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it. They keep their menu small and simple, so you’re guaranteed fresh seafood done well.
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GoFish Food Truck

The GoFish food truck. Photo supplied.

Hangry Chef

Hangry Chef has a huge following of loyal customers – and for good reason. Chef Dallo Samuel and his wife like a bit of Indian spice and are known for their chicken tikka. Their gravy-rich lamb bunnies, however, are also legendary. Find them at markets, food expos and other food events.
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The Knickerbocker Ice Cream Company

Well-known for their real dairy soft-serve and ice-cream sundaes, Knickerboxer provides the good stuff. Everything is hand-made, using the best ingredients available. There are frozen yoghurts and even don pedros, lollies, gelato and sorbet. The pistachio flavour is fabulous and there’s even a pale ale flavour. Find their range of mobile parlours, tuk-tuks and vintage ice-cream carts at events like the Stable Village Market, as well as at Nirox Park events, picnics, The Rand Airshow and music festivals. Follow them on Facebook to get your hands on their ice-cold treats.
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The Knickerbocker Ice Cream Company Truck at an event. Photo supplied.


The focus here is on flavour and fast food done well. Try out their chimichangas, available with beef or chicken. They also serve up curries, and hotdogs for the little ones.
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On the Block

Head here if you’re after ‘trucking’ good food, as this brightly-coloured truck turns out burgers and classic Philly cheese steaks.
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Pan and Knife

These guys seem to have something of a cult following, and it’s easy to see why – their menu is fuss-free, with a selection of steak rolls, pulled pork sandwiches, burgers and the occasional fried chicken bun, too.
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Posted by Pan and Knife on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pancake Pantry

You’ve got to have a pancake at a social event, so make sure you look out for the Pancake Pantry. Stick to a classic flavour combination or have a little fun with their ‘phuza pancakes’, doused in either brandy or vodka.
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Pink Waffle Cabin

Make sure you look out for this bright pink truck serving traditional-style Belgian waffles either in a classic square shape or on a stick, with your choice of ice cream, cream or chocolate sauce.
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Roaming Grind Coffee

These two baristas do events on their cute little three-wheeler trucks with great Urban Grind coffee. They cater for all the different ways people like their coffee, including inside a chocolate cone.
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Spit ‘n Spuds

As the name suggests, this is where you need to be if you’re after roasted meats, chicken kebabs or wraps.
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Sumting Fresh

Look out for these guys to get your hands on their larger-than-life cocktails and crispy fried chicken.
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Sushi Bus

Expect freshly made sushi and crunchy tempura from this fun food truck that makes its way all over Joburg.
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Tutto Food Co.

Tutto Food Co. is known for its mighty flavoursome paellas, especially the famous seafood one. But they also do cool toasties, like the Bacon Beauty, which features candied maple bacon and Brie cheese. Find the bee-bright food vans at all the best food markets.
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Tutto Food Co. at an event. Photo supplied.

Did we miss your favourite food truck in and around Joburg? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll investigate. 

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