7 healthy restaurants in Pretoria

New year; new you! ‘Healthy’ means something different for everyone, but thankfully more and more restaurants are making health a focus. Here are some great eateries where you can stick to your resolutions and feast on dishes packed full of flavour and free from gluten, sugar, meat and more.

Afro-boer (Equestria)

Afroboer isn’t a health-food spot as a whole but is really good at catering for specific needs. Many menu items are gluten- and lactose-free (even some of the decadent cakes and breads), vegan and vegetarian. The detox salad is fantastic and so full of crunch and flavour, you would never guess it was actually good for you. It’s filled with fennel, toasted almonds, cucumber, fresh herbs, smoky coconut, fermented beetroot and a spicy nut mayo dressing. The sweet potato granola is a breakfast winner served with fresh paw-paw, organic honey and yoghurt.

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Cafe Zing (Menlyn)

Cafe Zing offers healthy options all around, from grass-fed hormone-free meat to locally sourced organic lettuce and sprouts, and bread and cakes made from stone-ground flour. There is a range of pasta sauces on offer, all available with wheat-free pasta. The vegetarian burger with butternut-and-lentil patty is sure to impress, and the raw cacao-and-almond cluster is afternoon-snacking perfection.

Carlton Cafe (Menlo Park)

Chef-patron Rachel Botes is not only incredibly creative with her menu but she’s also really focused on sourcing the very best and freshest ingredients she can. Many dishes are available for a variety of different health concerns and gluten-free/banting/paleo customers can ready themselves for a proper feast. The salad verde with spinach noodles and pumpkin seed dressing is simply delicious, as is the rainbow trout salad with heirloom vegetables, chia seeds and home-made labneh.

Geet (Brooklyn)

This popular Indian eatery takes good care of its vegan and vegetarian diners. There is an entire section dedicated to vegan curries and the vegetarian options are plentiful. Expect loads of fresh vegetables, coconut and aromatic spices.

Ginger & Fig (Brooklyn)

Ginger & Fig puts a lot of emphasis on locally sourced and home-made ingredients, which immediately adds a healthier spin on even decadent delights. There are also more than a few items focused on healthy living. Salads are all fantastic. The chicken salad is chock-a-block full of good stuff like braised lentils, radishes, grilled chicken and a Korma yoghurt dressing. Breakfast granola with raw honey, seasonal fruit, nuts and yoghurt is simple perfection for breakfast. Ginger & Fig is also really good about providing for patrons on the fly.

The interior at Ginger and Fig. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

La Coco C (Silver Lakes)

La Coco C is a well-known favourite amongst the vegetarian/vegan community in Pretoria. The menu is diverse and offers a ton of healthy options. Granola with grilled pineapple or golden chai spice for breakfast? Yes, please! There is also a delectable vegan chickpea omelette. For lunch, why not try one of the low-calorie, gluten-free burrito bowls? The Vegan Burger bowl comes topped with a black bean burger patty and vegan cheddar, while meat eaters will love the Skinny Lamb bowl with slow-cooked lamb and tzatziki. La Coco offers gluten-free bread too, which makes the toasted sandwich selection even more tempting for those cutting down on gluten. Fresh-pressed juices are a fan favourite.

Pure (Colbyn)

Along with the many salads and healthy breakfast options, Pure also offers an entire paleo/banting menu. Low-carb pancakes, a pimp-your-omelette section, sweet-potato-and-chorizo frittata and an incredible Thai chicken curry will all delight your tastebuds without any of the guilt.

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Eat Out does not endorse any particular eating plan. We just want to help you find tasty food that helps you stick to your goals. Consult a doctor before making drastic diet changes.

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