Harbour House (V&A Waterfront)

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Reviewed by Aleksander Ruzicka

New Years Eve Disappointment.... We live in CT and have travelled the world many times... We've never experienced something like this... We have booked a specific table at Harbour House for New Years Eve, already in June 2017, we paid a deposit of app. R10.000.. written confirmations followed from the staff.. we received reconfirmation two days before the venue to discover on New Years Eve, that the manager has given away the table to guest who booked outside and - potentially bribed him - to sit inside. Instead of fulfilling his duty as manager and arrange the booked table for us, he did hide in in his office and we had to wait 75 Minutes to then sit in the rain .... This manager is totally incapable and if not his staff and the brand manager would have intervened, we would have ended up without a table and without a venue for a once a year event.... Be careful to consider this place for important events..
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