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The Big Mouth Sushi & Grill
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Sandiso Ngubane

The sheer variety of dishes at The Big Mouth can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s one thing this slick Jozi establishment seems to be most popular for: their sushi. You won’t be disappointed. Their six-piece tuna maki with a delicious sriracha mayo is an excellent, delectable start, and the salmon skin futomaki – served crispy with avo, cucumber, some caviar with sriracha and teriyaki – is just as delicious.

Over and above the sushi, there is of course the grill menu, offering excellent chargrilled calamari, kingklip, lobster, steaks and ribs, as well as gourmet burgers. Bowls including sesame chicken with roasted tomatoes, baby spinach, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, feta, sweetcorn and fresh raddish are as delicious as they sound. Do try the haloumi salad bowl with roasted butternut, chickpeas, a hint of mint, peas, roasted carrot and raddish (among other ingredients offering flavours that complement the haloumi quite beautifully).

To satisfy your sweet tooth, The Big Mouth offers deep-fried Oreos; a banana cream jar with vanilla, caramel and Tennis biscuits; and a variety of ice cream flavours, including rosemary pomegranate Turkish delight, double milk chocolate and Vietnamese coffee. They also offer crème brûlée, carrot, and peanut-butter cheesecakes.

The Big Mouth offers classic cocktails, including the cosmopolitan, whiskey sours and the like, in addition to others, including a delightful lemongrass mojito. The menu is not big on cocktail varieties otherwise, but the bar is fully stocked, offering all kinds of beers and spirits, and an impressive wine list.

While the service at The Big Mouth is usually slick and friendly – and all staff seems very knowledgeable about the menu – it can take a dip when things get busy, which is quite often.

Located in the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, the restaurant is great for big outings with friends. Tables are placed quite closely together, adding to the atmosphere.

Reservations are not necessary, but are advised for parties of six or more people. The restaurant is quite popular so be ready to wait for a table on weekends, especially.

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(August 2018)

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  • KevFabFood has finally made it to The Big Mouth... this fab place sure knows how to make amazing food with friendly and impeccable service. I can highly recommend the Salmon and Edamame beans and the Oreo and Nutella mousse - my hubby had the Panko Chicken with mash and the Ice-Cream sandwich...looked good and he enjoyed it! My only regret is waiting so long to try this fab place 😇 an overall 4.5 🌟
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  • ‘Are you sure this sushi isn’t spiked with cocaine?’ I ask in wonder as I crunch into a rock shrimp tempura roll. The waiter’s answering chuckle is almost rehearsed- he has heard this response to the sushi at his restaurant before, many times. Many people insist that The Big Mouth at Sandton City has the best sushi in Johannesburg. Looking at their stylish website, you may pause at the banner on the home page: ‘The Big Mouth: Sushi & Grill’. Sushi and Grill? I pondered. Could one restaurant possibly do both really well? Previously I’d been of the opinion that exceptional sushi can be found only at the most ‘authentic’ Japanese restaurants- preferably small, shabby establishments where no one speaks English and where the parking is undoubtedly dodgy. The Big Mouth is everything that the aforementioned establishments are not. Swanky, with a distinct, extravagant 1920s feel to it, this restaurant oozes charm and boasts a prime location on Nelson Mandela Square. The service is slickly smooth but genuinely friendly; the managers roam the floor with warm words of welcoming and great advice on what to order from the massive menu. The waiters know the menu equally well and are always there when you need them- a rare treat these days! I insisted on eating here five times before I wrote a review- there is so much to choose from on the menu and it simply wouldn’t be fair to review this restaurant without trying a bit of everything they have to offer. Before you open the menu, mentally prepare yourself to be overwhelmed with choice. Take a few deep breaths. And then dive in. Before you do, though, enjoy some of the best bread this world has to offer. A warm pretzel bun is served with a generous, soft swirl of butter that will perfectly whet your appetite. I’ve sampled a variety of the Small Plates (Big Mouth’s take on tapas) and found them all to be unique and delicious. I highly recommend the Robata Chicken Wings and the Grilled Halloumi. Squeeze the wedge of lime over the chicken wings and then bite into a taste sensation. Zingy, zesty and juicy- these wings are a killer. The halloumi is the best I’ve ever tasted at a restaurant- perfectly grilled so that it is all oozy and gorgeous on the inside. Other winners that I’ve sampled here include the Fish & Chips ‘pan’ (crispy beer-battered fish and wonderful chips), the Calamari Pasta and the Hamburger (definitely add cheese!). Less impressive was the Panko Chicken. The coating on the chicken was crunchy but in dire need of salt, and I sadly couldn’t detect any parmesan in the parmesan potato mash. And now I shall join the enraptured masses and make this bold claim: The Big Mouth does indeed have the best sushi in Johannesburg. Every time I eat it, it gets better. My taste buds just cannot seem to get accustomed to the sheer deliciousness of this sushi. A lot of the success of the sushi can be accredited to masterful textural play- in one mouthful you get it all: crunchy tempura batter, smooth and creamy mayo, firmly fresh but silky fish, crisp shallots, and perfectly firm rice. I highly recommend that you try as much of the Signature Sushi as you possibly can. It is expensive but absolutely worth it. I’ve tried almost all of the Signature options and my favourites (were I forced to choose!) are the Aburi Salmon California Rolls, Bamboo Rolls, Crispy Rice, Rock Shrimp Tempura Rolls and the Salmon Skin Futomaki. If you want to try a nice range of options, go for the 8 or 10 piece S.U.V platter. Even if you opt for the 10 piece option, you’ll still crave more the second that last rainbow roll passes your lips. I generally go for a chilled glass of Goats Do Roam rose with my sushi, but there is a comprehensive cocktail and wine menu for those who don’t drink pink wine. If you aren’t bursting out of your pants from all of the sushi you’ve guzzled down, take a gander at the dessert menu. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Deep Fried Oreos, but those who love a very rich chocolate overload will love them. The jars are the stars of the dessert menu. The Oreo Jar is yummy, but the Banana Cream Jar is my personal favourite. It brings to mind delectable descriptions of the famous banana cream pies popular in America. I could eat three in one sitting (and probably die from a sugar overdose, but it would be worth it). Booking is essential on weekends, but you can generally pop in on a weeknight and nab a lovely table overlooking the square. I recommend going as soon as possible so that I can recruit more members to BMSAA (Big Mouth Sushi Addicts Anonymous)…
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