10 zesty orange recipes for winter

Photograph by Rego Korosi

Photograph by Rego Korosi

Regardless of whether you’re a winter person or not, the cold weather brings with it one clear (vitamin-C-packed) benefit: citrus! Gone are the days of tasteless imported oranges from the supermarket. Now is the time to feel a new zest for life.

So, how do you take your orange? Perhaps a glass of freshly-squeezed OJ with your English breakfast; a citrusy hit to lift a saucepan of butternut soup; or sweet segments in a crisp winter salad? There’s no end to the charms of the ripe orange. In celebration of this seasonal treat, here are a few of our favourite recipes featuring this super-fruit.


Crêpes with orange-infused chocolate mousse

Crêpes with orange-infused chocolate mousse

Barbecue pork
Incorporating orange peel, star anise and sticky hoisin sauce, this barbeque sauce recipe really delivers on flavour and fragrance.

Chocolate and marmalade tart
Rich and decadent, this tart combines the classic flavours of orange and dark chocolate.

Chocolate, orange and cinnamon layer cake 
The addition of chocolate and cinnamon gives a lift to this citrusy cake.

Grilled salmon with citrus glaze
Grilled salmon couldn’t be easier, and this citrus glaze makes a great sauce for vegetables too.

Grown-up jelly and orange quarters
Freshly squeezed orange juice, a dash of Campari or vodka, and pineapple infused with thyme: this is a fun dessert for adults.

Spicy hot chocolate
Snuggle up to this decadent drink of chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel and thick cream this winter.


White anchovy, baby fennel and orange salad

White anchovy, baby fennel and orange salad

Jackie Cameron’s crêpes filled with orange-infused chocolate mousse
This dessert, with its luxurious filling of dark chocolate mousse with a hint of citrus, is the perfect treat for a grand occasion.

Moroccan rice pudding
A winner for winter, this moreish, comforting dessert is spiced with cinnamon and flavoured with orange zest.

Orange poached beetroot with goat’s cheese and spinach
Orange adds new zest to this well-loved salad favourite.

White anchovy, baby fennel and orange salad 
Try this fresh, beautiful salad on slightly warmer winter days.

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