13 brunch goals for the long weekend

There are a couple of holidays coming up, which means loads of time to kill. Might we suggest filling the hours with lingering meals with friends and family – or just yourself? We present to you 13 brunch goals for the long weekend. (We’re nothing if not aspirational.) Ready the napkins!

1. Tuck into a one-pot shakshuka wonder.

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2. Make everyone else look bad with a perfectly risen soufflé.


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3. Show off your early start in an exotic location.


4. Eat your body weight in perfect little crumpets.


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5. Be self-righteously healthy.


6. Double-carb it. (Noodles are a perfectly legit breakfast sandwich topping.)


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7. Fashion a beautiful blossom out of your avocado.


8. Build a triple-decker egg fountain.

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9. Use up all the cheese and butter (get the recipe here)


10. Start with dessert first.


11. Be a bad-ass: put mac ‘n cheese and egg and bacon on your croissant.


12. Make an almighty mess of the best leftovers.

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13. Cleanse your palate and start all over again.

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