20 impossibly beautiful Easter eggs from around the world

It’s that time of the year again – and the world’s chocolatiers haven’t let us down. Here are the craziest, most inspiring chocolate creations on an egg-and-bunny theme this April.

1. One of the big trends this year is scarily real-looking eggs, like this one from Parisian chocolatier Jacques Genin.

2. And these ‘fried eggs’ at My Sugar in Sea Point, Cape Town.

3. And these ‘volcano’ confections, from a confectioner in Leeds, UK, which look just like eggs dropping into poaching cups.

4. Grown-up eggs give a slightly less literal nod to bunnies and eggs. Like this one, from Aussie patissier Adriano Zumbo.

5. At La Maison du Chocolat in Paris, the bunnies are looking decidedly square this year.

5. And at Anna Shea Chocolates in Illinois, these cute bon bons are on offer.

6. At Kate Weiser Chocolate in Dallas, USA, the cactus trend has made its way into the Easter offering.

7. Filled eggs are a big deal. Expect to find everything from mini eggs to salted caramel and nougat inside your eggs this year.

8. Game-of-Thrones-style dragon eggs are also making an appearance.

hEegxagon #fika #nyc #chocolate #chocolatier #chocolateart #egg #showpiece #passion #dessert #art

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9. Of course, Creme Eggs are still a popular treat, like these cheesecake lemon-curd ones.

10. Marshmallow eggs – in a slightly elevated form – are also being turned out by master chocolatiers.

Fruity marshmallow eggs about to hit the shelves this Friday! #chocolate #kateweiserchocolate #easter #instagood

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11. And just really, really, really big eggs – like this 5.4 kg beauty.

12. There are these pretty swirled eggs from a patisserie school in Australia.

(Which is also making these insane chocolate flowers. Is it an egg? IDK. It’s beautiful.)

13. Dinosaur egg, minion egg and Mr Potato Head egg, anyone?

#Easter is in full swing in the shop! #minion #mrpotatohead #dinosaur #spiderman

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14. Naturally, loads of helpful bloggers have also produced how-to videos, in the event that you have time in your day to bake an egg-shaped cake, stuff it with sweets, and cover it in gold leaf.

15. And there is also a whole load of people (monsters) making beautiful non-edible eggs. Emojis are popular.

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16. Although some of them are really pretty.

Ägg och blommor hör årstiden till. Kan inte få nog!

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17. Like these Matisse-inspired designs.

18. And these little cherubs.

19. But to be honest, whatever the Easter egg looks like, it needs to be delicious – evidenced by these Creme Eggs baked into brownies.

You’re our hero, Eric Lanlard.

20. You too, Jasper.

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