4 great Ethiopian restaurants in Cape Town

The Mother City is a melting pot of cultures and culinary gems from the continent that are hidden along its busy streets. Most common among these cosy eateries are those that serve a range of diverse flavours from the Horn of Africa. From satisfying injera pancakes with berbere-infused stews to intricate coffee ceremonies, here are four great Ethiopian restaurants in Cape Town.

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Addis in Cape

This extremely popular spot was highly commended at the 2015 Best Everyday Eateries, and it shows. Meals here are served on one central platter that’s perfect for communal eating and showcases exciting flavours of Ethiopia. Use the giant sourdough injera to mop up the array of saucy stews that are infused with berbere (an Ethiopian spice blend). Highlights include slow-cooked lamb, prawn, or the vegetarian split chickpeas.

Little Ethiopia

Take an adventure to this tiny Ethiopian restaurant that’s quietly nestled on Shortmarket Street. It’s owned by Ethiopian-born Yeshi Mekonnen, who has been running this charming eatery since 2011. All food is made from scratch using ancient recipes that have been handed down within the family. The main meals – all served with traditional teff flour injera. The restaurant also offers Ethiopian coffee and traditional spiced tea with cinnamon and cloves.

Madam Taitou

Opt for one of the cosy couches upstairs and enjoy your injera with dishes like alcha wot (curried beef stew), gored gored (lean beef in spiced butter), or doro wot (spiced chicken in a berbere sauce.) Alternatively, order one of the platters and share with a friend to experience all the different flavours.

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Timbuktu Café

The restaurant that was once located on bustling Long Street is now giving Obs residents a taste of dishes from the Horn of Africa. Try dishes like tibs (chopped lean beef with berbere spices) and gored gored (beef with spiced butter). All dishes are reasonably priced and can also be prepared as vegan options.

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