4 places to get the best gatsby in Cape Town

The great gatsby is, simply put, a sub sandwich filled with slap tjips (chips) and a combination of some sort of meat (chicken, steak or even mutton) and sauces with some “salads”. But it’s also so much more. 

You can have anything from a polony gatsby cut in four to share with your brasse (friends) or go all out and get a full house (this means adding eggs and cheese) masala steak gatsby with all the fixings. Don’t forget the Cabana juice or the two-litre mango tango Jive!

The gatsby was reportedly named after its inventor, Rashaad Pandy, owner of Super Fisheries, created it for some workers and one of them said it was a “gatsby smash”. That was in the mid 70s, according to Food24, and it proved so popular that Rashaad kept it on the menu. Now it has evolved into a household name with many a Capetonian acknowledging it as part of our rich history. 

With that being said, we thought long and hard (and asked our friends on the internet) about where the best places in Cape Town are to get the famous gatsby and your favourite accompanying drink. 

Here’s our list:

Super Fisheries (Athlone)

We start with the birthplace of the gatsby where Rashaad Pandy is still operating after all these years. While they generally serve fish and make an excellent calamari gatsby, they also have everything from polony to chicken to masala steak to satisfy those cravings. Good value for money and lekker dyt (good food) to satisfy the biggest of cravings.

Cosy Corner (Wynberg)

Another Cape Town institution, Cosy Corner is still operating from the same corner it opened on in 1973 and going strong. You’ll get delectable halaal meals ranging from sandwiches and salomies to the famous gatsby itself. It’s also the only place in Cape Town that does the delicious chargrilled rump steak gatsby, which is absolutely delicious. And they even offer a vegetarian option. Go and check it out for yourself!


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Aneesas’s (Wynberg)

This eatery in Wynberg touts themselves as the home of the vienna chip parcel. They also serve an array of foods from burgers to snack platters, but their gatsbies are the real thing we should be celebrating. Whether it’s mutton, chicken or vienna, these gatsbies are made with love and care and are super delicious and affordable. 

Mariam’s Kitchen (City Bowl)

If you’re in the city centre and have a craving for a decent gatsby, go to Mariam’s to get one and pick up some half-moons or samoosas while you wait. They’re a little more pricey than the other places on this list, but it’s still completely worth it to get a full house steak, eggs and cheese gatsby to split with some of your best friends.

Do you have any favourite gatsby places to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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