5 cafés for perfect pancakes

Whether delicate crêpes or toppling towers of fluffy flapjacks, pancakes in any shape or form are a favourite all-day indulgence. They can be made into savoury snacks or multi-layered stacks, sprinkled with cinnamon or served with salmon, so the real beauty of these perfectly pale-gold vessels is their versatility. We’ve hunted down five great spots for your favourite pan-fried treat.


The pancakes at Afro-boer. Photo supplied.

Afro-boer (Die Wilgers, Pretoria)

This family friendly spot is perfect for a coffee and wholesome breakfasts and lunches. The bakery serves delicious sweet and savoury bites all day, including their popular pancake stack. Order yours with rich chocolate ganache butter and fluffy whipped cream, or with a juicy berry compote and cream.


The lemon meringue pancakes at Betty Blue Bistro. Photo supplied.

Betty Blue Bistro (Hermanus, Western Cape)

This pretty little spot in the heart of Hermanus is known for its bright and delicious grub and ultra-tempting pancakes. The sweet stuff section on the menu boasts seven different kinds of crêpes in flavours like peppermint crisp, milk tart, vanilla ice cream and Nutella, and peanut-butter mousse with banana, served in a cocoa-rich chocolate pancake. If you’re after something savoury, the lunch menu includes pancakes filled with salmon, bobotie and hearty pulled pork.


The pancakes at Coffeeberry. Photo supplied.

Coffeeberry Café (Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal)

This Maritzburg gem offers locals and passersby a stop for comforting café-style eats. Their giant gourmet pancakes have become quite legendary in the area – there’s even a menu dedicated to them. Go for something savoury with options like sautéed mushrooms, cheddar and green pepper or smoked salmon with crispy capers. On the sweet side of things, options include the classic pancake with cinnamon and lemon or hot Dutch apple and maple syrup. For gluten avoiders, there is an option to order yours free of gluten for an extra R5.

Pannekoek Hoek at Bertus Basson at Spice Route (Paarl, Cape Winelands)

Head to this winelands destination for a day of CBC beer sampling, grappa tasting, stellar wines and a top-notch lunch at one of the surrounding restaurants. For dessert, or just to spoil yourself, pop in to Bertus Basson’s new pancake hatch. The topping and flavour combinations often change, but you can look forward to versions like the strawberry pancakes with frozen yoghurt and almonds, or the simple cinnamon option.


The American-style pancakes at salvationcafe. Photo supplied.

salvationcafé (Milpark, Johannesburg)

This go-to breakfast spot whips up a range of wholesome early morning items. Kick-start your weekend with the café’s take on American pancakes. The thick, fluffy stack of hotcakes is piled high with fresh seasonal fruit, creamy yoghurt, cinnamon and a drizzle of golden syrup.


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