Unwrapping the magic of Chuckles: the back-story of these chocolatey balls of joy


For most of us, the ritual of a weekly shop isn’t done until a bag of Chuckles has been added to cart. Chuckles, like many of the iconic Woolworths products, need no introduction. The chocolatey, malty pops of joy have captured the hearts of South Africans for over 30 years. But beyond being simply delicious, Chuckles are the result of meticulous processes, perfected over time. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into crafting Chuckles, here’s a sneak peek at the magic behind the country’s best-loved chocolate.


The process that transforms raw ingredients into delicious Chuckles begins with a malt paste, which is first mixed and moulded into spherical shapes. These malted spheres are then baked into light, crunchy balls before being coated in multiple layers of creamy chocolate using specialised equipment. Once this is finished, the final step sees Chuckles being packaged in their iconic red bags, ready to be shipped off to stores.


Beyond the precise production, when it comes to crafting excellence, it’s not just what happens to Chuckles, but what goes into them that matters too. In keeping with Woolworths’ Good Business Journey, all of the cocoa used to make Chuckles is sourced from verified and responsible suppliers. The initiative focuses on sustainable cocoa practices, farmer livelihoods, improved labour conditions, community benefits, and transparent reporting, meaning Chuckles don’t simply taste good, but do good, too.

The Chuckles’ legacy is a testament to its icon status and the love it has garnered over the years. And while the range has grown to include shortcake, peanut, raisin, coconut and biscuit variants, the decision to expand has – and will – always be taken carefully. The Woolworths team is always keeping an eye out for new flavours and trends, but the discussion for new products is always a thought-out and considered one, adhering to strict criteria for inclusion. Tasting panels and packaging approvals ensure that only the best candidates make the cut, maintaining the trust and satisfaction of loyal customers.


With all the care that goes into producing Chuckles, it’s no surprise that they’re loved countrywide, but ultimately it comes down to their irresistible flavour. That perfect ratio of chocolate to malty centre makes them the perfect bite and no matter how hard one tries, there simply is no stopping at just one!

Images: supplied by Woolworths


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