5 great spots for golden hot chips in Durban

Whether you’re after a handful of messy slap chips, a crunchy portion of shoestring fries or the perfect in-between that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the east coast is a bountiful spot for glorious hot chips. Here are five great spots for this addictive potato snack.

Afro’s Chicken (New Germany, South Beach, Umhlanga Ridge, Windermere)

It started off in the famous yellow container on the beachfront, and now this buzzing chicken shop has become one of the most popular spots for a takeaway lunch, hot ‘tjips’ included (R25). Tucking in to their burgers is a messy affair, but the golden side of starchy goodness is right there to catch all the extra spicy juices. These fries are good enough to eat on their own: Hand cut, rustic and chunky, they exhibit that elusive fluffiness on the inside and have the perfect crunch on the outside. Pro tip: If you want yours extra hot, douse them in some Afro’s chilli sauce.

The Coop (Durban North)

Mackeurtan Avenue’s new takeaway chicken hatch has a menu that’s dedicated to succulent poultry lunches, but these are not the only stars of the show. The extra-chunky chips go for R20 a side portion. They’re big, with a crunchy exterior and soft, fluffy centre, and are perfect when dunked in some t-sauce.

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(Durban North)

This hip burger joint in the heart of Durban North is known for meaty creations with deliciously OTT toppings. Get your favourite bun with a side of chunky golden chips or a nest of extra-thin, extra-crunchy shoestring fries. Both options come generously tossed with salt and are the perfect vessel for the oozing sauce on your burger or mini bowl of aioli.

Surf Riders Food Shack (Addington Beach)

While this surf shack’s standard fries with house-made mayo are stellar, the cheese fries (R25) are the real revelation, doused in the specially blended secret cheese sauce. Soft with a touch of crispness, the chips are seriously addictive and make for a perfect brunch side or cheesy lunch. If you’re looking for a slightly healthier version, swap for sweet potato fries.

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Union Square (Durban North and Hillcrest)

Whether you’re here for ribs, burgers or wings, do not leave without grabbing a portion of their fries. These don’t taste like your standard takeaway chips: The pale golden bites are fried until just crisp and served in three different sizes depending on your hunger. And, if you’re looking for a little extra something, go for the cheesy option. These fries are drizzled in a silky cheese sauce and topped off with a green sprinkling of fresh parsley.

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