5 minutes with Sam Linsell

Cape Town food stylist Samantha Linsell is well known for her beautifully styled blog, Drizzle and Dip. Now the local blogger has released her own cookbook of the same name. Divided into morning, noon and night, the recipes range from Mexican dishes like huevos rancheros to Italian (spag bol with tequila), British (pork pies with honey) and the Far East. We caught up with Sam to find out what’s on her kitchen table, her favourite thing to do with roast chicken, and what she wants to do when she grows up.

My kitchen in spring is filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables as I move away from comfort eating towards lighter summer fare. I contemplate starting my herb garden again, and start planning for apricot jam and berry sorbet making.

My kitchen table is filled with farm eggs, ripening tomatoes, bulbs of garlic, chillies and fresh lemons.

The best thing about having a food blog is being able to share a love of cooking with people from all over the world.

Cookbooks are an addiction, a special treat and something I cannot get enough of.

A glass of wine is an essential part of a meal or on its own. Sometimes eating is cheating.

Leftover croissants are best turned into a savoury bake with leeks and bacon as I have done in a recipe in my book. Add eggs and cream and watch them fluff up like a souffle. A sweet alternative is to make a banana and caramel pudding, a recipe for which can be found on my blog.

Roast chicken is best made with loads of herbs and wine to keep it juicy and cooked until the meat is about to fall off the bone.

Chocolate is a food group on its own and good quality 70% couverture has a permanent place in my cupboard for desserts.

If I could cook dinner for anyone it would be for mother and both my grandmothers who are unfortunately no longer alive.

One day when I grow up, I want to be able to travel all the time and eat my way around the world.

Drizzle and Dip is published by Eat the Book. It will be available nationally in all major book retailers at a cost of R195.

Click here for Sam's recipe for baked eggs.

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