7 vegetarian burgers that even meat eaters will love

The time of vegetarian burgers being a meek alternative solely for those abstaining from meat is in the past. Not only can they be the tastiest burger on the menu, these days they’re also sought after by various groups of diners, like those looking to decrease their carbon footprint, vegans or banters. And, yes, sometimes we order them just because we want to. So, trust us: These seven burgers in South Africa are worth forgoing the beef patty.

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DK Burger (Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria)

At DK Burger, they prefer you add on what you prefer from the get-go. The gourmet veggie burger here comes with a chickpea-and-sundried-tomato patty, topped with basil pesto and the famous smoked tomato ketchup (R54). From there you can choose to add on ingredients like red-onion marmalade (R11), roasted garlic aioli (R10), or Dalewood mature cheddar (R16). Get it with sweet-potato chips and/or beer-battered onion rings (R19 each).

Dukes Burgers (Greenside, Johannesburg)

The Cleopatra is something to behold (R79). The bulky falafel patty is topped with hummus, cherry tomatoes and a red-onion salsa. Tahini sauce generously overflows onto the hand-cut fries. You can get the Cleopatra on a gluten-free bun or vegans can even opt for the eggless bun.

The Cleopatra burger at Duke's Burgers. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The magnificent Cleopatra burger at Duke’s Burgers. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Fruits & Roots (Bryanston, Johannesburg)

The patty of the Mighty Burger is made with mushrooms and beans, and comes topped with hummus, lettuce, tomato and sautéed mushrooms. If you need your burger with cheese, then go for the cheese-and-mushroom version, which is the Mighty Burger topped with mozzarella cheese and even more sautéed mushrooms (R78). Enjoy it with a bowl of chips fried in ghee (R30).

Inside & You’re Out (City Bowl, Cape Town)

The Hell-o-Portobello (R96) is the one to try at this joint known for its stuffed burgers. The patty, a roasted portobello mushroom, is filled with feta, thyme and garlic before being topped with a confit of red and yellow peppers. It’s finished off with a drizzle of basil mayonnaise. If you’re in the mood for cheese, you could also go for the halloumi Smash! burger, which comes with a deep-fried halloumi patty topped with lettuce, IYO’s house pickle and mayonnaise (R70).

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Royale Eatery (City Bowl, Cape Town)

There are almost too many vegan and vegetarian options at this popular burger joint, but the one to go back for is the Trombone. One of the longest-standing burgers on the menu, the Trombone is made using a 160g black-bean-and-vegetable patty, topped with rocket and a home-made peppadew sauce with parmesan. (Vegans can ask for hummus, guacamole or tomato relish instead.) Get it for R82 with sweet-potato fries, normal fries or a salad.

The Trombone burger at Royale Eatery. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The Trombone burger at Royale Eatery. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

S43 at That Brewing Co. (Station Drive, Durban)

S43’s chickpea patty is enhanced with spinach and Danish feta before being grilled and placed atop a brioche bun. Add some rocket, pickles, avocado and home-made tomato relish, and voila! Or, if you’re vegan, you could go for the black-bean patty, which has the same toppings, as well as spicy grilled pineapple and chakalaka. Both burgers come with home-made chips and cost R85 each.


Surf Riders (Addington Beach, Durban)

The Shroom Burger (R69) comes with a large brown fried mushroom so meaty that it could almost be mistaken for beef. The toppings comprise of gouda cheese, the special house cheese sauce, rocket, slow-cooked onions and home-made mayonnaise. Just in case that’s not enough cheese for you, have it with cheese-smothered fries (R32).

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