This amazing avo carving has us in a quandary

An Italian carver called Daniele Barresi has made us question all our values with this exquisite sculpture of an avocado. Most pressing of all questions: Would we destroy it to put it on toast?

The award-winning artist is currently based in Sydney – perhaps because there is more large fruit there for him to slice painstakingly into artworks.

Daniele holds classes, where he teaches his students how to wield carving knives, pens, zesters, melon ballers and other sharp tools to put the fear of salad into his vegetables. 

He has quite the repertoire, making delicate sculptures of all kinds of fresh produce.

There’s this amazing zucchini flower:

This very ornate watermelon:

These lovely garlic blossoms:

This intricate work on a broccoli floret, which the artist counts among his favourite works:

And this couple of phoenixes rising out of a humble pumpkin:

Back to the avo, though, and our tough dilemma… Please pass the toast.

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