This US bakery is making eggs Benedict-filled doughnuts

It’s time to confess: even we have moments when we seriously wonder if the doughnut craze has gone too far. But this US doughnut store’s creation has us intrigued.

Sidecar Doughnuts in California is making a doughnut stuffed with eggs Benedict.

How do they achieve this magic? The prepared dough is wrapped around ham and a pre-poached egg then fried before having a house-made basil Hollandaise sauce piped inside.

The doughnut will set you back $6 and is made in the malassada style – a variant of the treat born in the Azores, which usually calls for eggs and milk in its recipe.

This crazy eggs Benedict doughnut is burning up Instagram. (We’re just relieved to see that the egg inside is still a little oozy!)

Sidecar’s doughnuts are fried in small batches every hour, and everything is made from scratch in-house.

Also on offer: corn cake doughnuts with creamed corn glaze, parmesan crisps and honey; coconut cream pie; and even old fashioned classic doughnuts made with buttermilk, nutmeg and cinnamon with a vanilla bean glaze.

Sidecar has two locations – one in Costa Mesa and another in Santa Monica.

We have several follow-up questions:

1. Is this the end of sweet doughnuts?

2. Will savoury doughnuts become a trend now?

3. Might we suggest a vetkoek version?

4. Is anyone going to California any time soon? Could you bring us one back? Much obliged, thank you.

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