Behold the pokérrito: the world’s latest hybrid food craze

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Prepare yourself: A new food hybrid will be hitting your Instagram feeds soon. A dedicated pokérrito (poké plus burrito) bar called Pokérrito has opened in Vancouver, Canada – and, given the popularity of both, we predict internet hysteria.

Combining colourful poké – a marinated raw fish dish that hails from Hawaii – and a kind of sushi-inspired burrito, the dish is all about balancing the zingy Hawaiian flavours with precise Japanese techniques and clean ingredients.

Sound like a hand roll to you? According to Pokérrito, they’re anything but standard. Fillings include torched tuna, salmon, octopus, scallop or tofu, paired with sushi rice, crab meat, avocado, edamame beans, kale, and sweet onion. There’s also a selection of sauces to amp up your pokérrito, such as wasabi-basil, creamy mayo, citrus ponzu or an umami house dressing. For a little extra crunch, customers can also add crispy onions, mixed nuts or crushed macadamia nuts to their order. The Pokérrito bar also offers build-your-own poké bowls.

While poké has been named one of the biggest food trends of 2016, it has only popped up in a handful of our local restaurants and as summer rolls in, we think a local dedicated pokérrito bar is order. We’re looking at you, Three Wise Monkeys, Hallelujah, Cheyne’s, and Great Eastern Food Bar.

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