Blue bubbly is now a thing and we have feelings



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Wine purists, avert your eyes. Viniculture has reached a new low – or high, depending on which side of the vineyard fence you’re on. According to Mashable, this season’s latest drink is Blumond, an Italian wine made from prosecco grapes and flavoured with sweet peach. It gets its startling blue hue from the addition of blue curaçao, a liqueur made from the lahara citrus fruit that’s native to the Dutch island of Curaçao in the south Caribbean. (No Smurfs were harmed in the making of this beverage.)


According to its makers, the Saraceni family in Tuscany, Blumond is a “velvety and seductive sparkling wine” that has “an unmistakable taste”. (We’ll just leave this here.)

It contains only 7% alcohol, causing some Italian artisans to take issue with the label of “wine”. Whatever you dub it – blue bubbly, Gummy Berry Juice or Mermaid Prosecco – Blumond has become so popular that its distribution has grown from its native Italy to USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, Canada and Asia.



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(It looks more appropriate on the deck of a private yacht, naturally.) Judging by Instagram, Blumond is particularly popular as the ‘something blue’ part of the English wedding tradition. But it’s not the only alarmingly turquoise-coloured champagne on the market. Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseaux is another option, made by Bronco Wine Company, but makes slightly (very slightly) more sense in that it is flavoured with blueberries and is crafted in the USA, home of the brave and the deep-fried ice-cream cheeseburger

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We have questions. It looks like it would be minty – is that better or worse than just peach or berry flavour? Does its mouthwash-adjacent appearance mean you can just spit it out without having to swallow? Can you use it to clean the toilet bowl?

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