How you can still support your favourite restaurants during coronavirus

President Ramaphosa’s address to the nation on Sunday, 15 March left many people in a state of shock and fear – but he also said, “If we act together, if we act decisively, I am sure we will overcome. United we are strong and divided we are weak and can be defeated.”

Because we’ve been instructed to stay home and avoid public places, it means that many of the locations we frequent, like restaurants and cafés, will be seeing an overnight decline in customers. The immediate future is bleak for these establishments and they need all the encouragement they can get during times like these. So before you forget about your favourite burger spot or that coffee shop you go to every morning, try your best to still show them your support. Here are a few ways:

Think before you cancel

Instead of cancelling your reservation, think about how you could go out while still being careful. Now’s the time to adapt your behaviour around hygiene. Use hand sanitiser at every opportunity, wash your hands and try not to touch your face. Be mindful of space and avoid any physical contact with another person.

Like, comment and share their social posts

Show a bit of solidarity online. If you’re unable to go to a restaurant, you can still let them know that you care. They’re in a tough situation and need all the community support they can get, so share their posts and publish positive comments of encouragement.

Tip generously for your takeaways and deliveries

Many restaurants will start to offer their food for delivery or as a takeaway for those choosing to socially distance themselves. If this is you, add an extra 15-20% to your bill. It will be appreciated. Staff still need to get paid and many don’t have medical aid benefits or any financial support.

suhsi takeaway

Buy a voucher and use it later

Go ahead and buy gift vouchers for future visits. This will bring in cash in the short term to pay overheads and staff, and also ensure that the restaurant will have guests at a later stage, which boosts morale.  

Go out during the week or at less popular times

Be vigilant about when you decide to eat out. Try and choose a time when you know the restaurant will have fewer people, posing less of a risk. And abide by all the recommended hygiene rules. 

Leave the cash at home

Wherever possible, consider using an alternative form of payment – tap credit card machines or apps like Snapscan/Zapper. Many restaurants are already adopting a no-cash policy.

If you’re at home, take a few moments to write a positive review of your favourite restaurants

Had the best steak of your life? Or a pasta that you crave all the time? Tell the world about it! This will help restaurants attract new business after the crisis has passed.

Take a look at how these restaurants are responding to the coronavirus crisis and keep following Eat Out for all the latest updates!

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