Clear coffee is now a thing, and we’re not sure how to feel

First came cold brew coffee, then coffee-in-a-cone, then nitro coffee. The newest coffee invention, though, is something a little more incognito: CLR CFF is marketed as the first colourless coffee in the world.

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Slovakian brothers, David and Adam Nagy, created the beverage while living in London. They wanted a version of the popular drink that would be lower in calories than other to-go beverages and also sought to avoid the problem of teeth stains. “We are heavy coffee drinkers,” David told The Evening Standard. “Like many other people, we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs, so we decided to create our own recipe.” 

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Exactly how the brothers achieved the feat remains a secret, but they have revealed that the recipe is made with high-quality Arabica beans and that the coffee contains no preservatives, stabilisers, sugar or sweeteners. Apparently the beverage tastes similar to cold brew – despite its lack of colour.

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While its latte art potential is somewhat lacking, it is pretty Instagrammable, thanks to the stylish branding, so perhaps there’s hope for it yet.

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