Cookie fries, bacontillas, and fried jelly: 13 reasons we need to go to the Texas State Fair immediately

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Scotland may have invented the deep-fried Mars Bar, but when it comes to frying skills, Texas has got decades of experience.

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The Texas State Fair, Dallas’s annual fair, has been running since 1886. Reportedly, there’s a cow butter sculpture, a Taylor Swift shrine and a petting zoo that looks to have included zebras (apparently they’re soft?), but what really impressed us was the insane quantity of fried things on offer. Here are 13 of our favourites.

1. Cookie fries.

Are they baked first? Are they greasy? We have SO MANY questions about these. They’re getting mixed reviews on Instagram. Some weren’t super impressed, but Thy Detten said they tasted “like the crunchy edges of a cookie, which is my favourite part”. Sign us up!  

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2. The bacontilla.

As Instagram user, Sammy D, says this might be “the most American taco”. 

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3. Bacon-wrapped pork belly.

We’re shocked to discover we’ve been eating our pork belly naked all this time.  

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4. Battered, fried bacon.

This actually looks simple enough to be delicious and crunchy. And potentially heartburn-inducing.

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5. Smokey bacon margarita (with a side of cookie fries).

(Why is it so green, though?)  


6.The deep-fried Oreos.

Sure, we’ve had these before, but how glorious do they look?

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7. Fried peanut butter banana sandwiches.


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7. Fried bacon cinnamon roll.


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8. Deep-fried tres leches, with some fruit and cream for good measure.


Deep fried tres leches. The only dessert that’s ever given me heartburn. #fuckgoalweight #dessert #deepfried #dallaseats #myfab5 #foodporn A photo posted by Larajustgotinstagram (@whatthehellisahashtag) on


9. Stuffed chicken wings.

We have one question: how?!

Someone actually figured out how to stuff a chicken wing. And it is glorious! A photo posted by George Higa (@godcity108) on


10. Deep-fried jell-o

This incredible creation won the coveted Best Taste trophy at the fair, and apparently tastes like a jam doughnut. It sounds incredibly dangerous to replicate, like a fryer explosion waiting to happen, so we’re going to need to go there to try this version.

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11. There’s also this spicy Mexican fruit drink, which looks super refreshing.

12. A frozen margarita, spiked with a sangria ice lolly.

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13. And last of all, an edible Cola cup.

This kid apparently said, “It was fine, but I would not get it again.”

Bonus reason: to meet this little guy.

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