David Higgs teases us with cryptic Instagram shot

Following the announcement that he’ll be leaving Five Hundred at The Saxon in November to open his own restaurant, there’s been much speculation about David Higgs’s new venture.

Where, exactly, will it be? What will be on the menu? Will it be fine dining, or a little more casual?

Yesterday, Higgs posted the following shot on Instagram.

And so it begins….. #fire #rosebank #barculture #wood #art @eatoutguide #newbeginnings #march2016

A photo posted by David Higgs (@dawiehiggs) on

From his intriguing use of hashtags, we can conclude the following:

  • The hashtag #fire could refer to open-fire cooking. Or is that the name, David?
  • It’s in Rosebank (which we already knew).
  • Presumably, there will be a bar. Will there be bar snacks? Will there be insane cocktails? Great gin? WHAT DOES #BARCULTURE MEAN, David?
  • #wood could be a reference to the materials used in the building. Or could it be another veiled reference to smoking, or open fires? I saw an episode of MasterChef UK once where they cooked in a Swedish kitchen that only had open fires. Will you be doing that Stone Age cooking thing, David?
  • #art could be a reference to Art Garfunkel, or Art Vandelay from Seinfeld, the fictional character George invents while in a job interview. Or maybe David is intending to host art at his new restaurant, and possibly open for First Thursdays?
  • #march2016? MUST WE WAIT THAT LONG, DAVID?
  • He looks great in a construction helmet.

The plot thickens.

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