Drink this now: Thick Italian hot chocolate at Moro Gelato in Cape Town

The drink

Moro Gelato has begun serving its Italian hot chocolate for the winter and we thought you ought to know. It’s served in a tiny goblet and topped with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon, like so:

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How it’s made

Made using owner Stefano Moro’s original recipe, this hot chocolate is comprised mostly of deliciously dark Belgian chocolate melted down with a little cream, cocoa powder, sugar and a secret ingredient. Served in a translucent thimble-like plastic glass, it’s made to drink immediately, and the size is perfect. Too much and you’d be in a chocolate coma for the rest of the week – not that we’re implying that’s a bad thing. The cinnamon and whipped cream complement the deep chocolate perfectly and, at R25, it’s a steal.

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Also try

Moro serves other versions at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market at the V&A on Saturdays: a white hot chocolate and a half-and-half version, with half dark chocolate and half white chocolate. Another highly recommended option is to have a scoop of gelato added to your hot chocolate (R35). The hot chocolate does tend to cool down significantly, but the rush to finish it before then is oh-so worth it.

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