Eat this now: Savoury risotto-like oats at Myoga


The savoury oats at Myoga. Photo by Nikita Buxton.

What do you do when you need a risotto but have no rice? You get inventive. That’s exactly what chef Mike Basset at Myoga Restaurant at The Vineyard Hotel & Spa in Newlands has done. His risotto-like oat dish is currently being served as a ‘tastebud tickler’ on Myoga’s affordable winter tasting menu, offering a warm and comforting seasonal dish.

The dish

The silken starter is packed with umami flavour and is made with the entire family of onions (white onion, spring onion, shallot, leek, garlic and chive), exotic mushrooms and rolled organic oats. But when asked what the with real secret ingredient is, Mike responds, “Lots of butter and good-quality parmesan.”

You can probably guess that this isn’t your standard morning bowl of oats. The cereal is more absorbent than typical grains of rice, but has a lower GI compared to white refined rice, which helps regulate blood sugar.


Miso milk being poured into the savoury oats at Myoga. Photo by Nikita Buxton.

How it’s made

When being cooked, the oats develop just like risotto rice does, getting creamier and absorbing the flavour as you stir. Explains Mike, “I wanted a dish that would appeal to people’s memories and yet give a new twist to something we’ve all eaten throughout our lives.”

The luxurious and comforting oats dish is served in a small wooden bowl and drizzled with savoury miso milk at table – another cheeky nod to the breakfast dish.

The price

The dish is currently being served as the amuse bouche on the Myoga winter tasting menu, which costs R385 per person.

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