Flying Dish: A first-of-its-kind ghost kitchen

How does a fun-loving beer brand promote responsible drinking? You can bet it will be something very different to what we’re used to – and it is! Flying Fish, which forms part of the SAB Inveb Group, has launched a new concept: a Flying Fish-branded ghost kitchen called Flying Dish.

For years, South Africans have been hearing about responsible drinking – a topic that has been particularly highlighted over the past year. Tegwyn Hughes from Queen’s University says research clearly shows that eating before you consume alcohol is imperative as it slows the process of alcohol flow into the bloodstream, combatting blood alcohol concentration levels and dehydration.

Zachary Kingston, Flying Fish’s brand manager, says: “Taking a moment to appreciate a new innovation of world firsts, Flying Fish x Uber Eats is saying: eat now, drink later. This, like many of our campaigns, will truly make you go ‘#WhatTheFlyingFish?’ but you have to #FlowWithIt. After all, you can’t enjoy yourself to the fullest unless you have a full stomach. The goal is to inspire lovers of a cold one to #EatWithIt and always eat when they drink.”

Flying Dish

For the next few months, foodies who live in Joburg can treat themselves to exceptional food from Flying Dish and enjoy it in the comfort – and safety – of their homes. Chef Neo and her team of inspirational chefs will be cooking up a storm, and you’ll be able to tuck into their dishes six days a week, from 12pm to 8pm. Notably, the dark kitchen won’t be delivering alcohol, but you can be sure each dish will taste even better when enjoyed with an ice-cold Flying Fish, so be sure to have a six-pack chilling in the fridge before you place your order! 

The Flying Dish is launching next week, so keep a close eye on Eat Out’s Instagram page to see some of the exciting dishes that will be flying out of the kitchen, and be sure to let us know about your own Flying Dish experience in the comments below.

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