These toasted cheese doughnuts are our new craving

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Are we not done with this doughnut thing yet? Just yesterday we wrote about the su’nut  the sushi-doughnut mash-up that’s flooding our social media feeds. Now, just when we thought things couldn’t get crazier, a biergarten in New York has created the grilled-cheese doughnut.

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Clinton Hall, a popular New York city beer garden, is apparently known for some OTT pub grub and have decided to take things up a notch with this latest creation. The grilled cheese doughnut invention has been unveiled for the month of March and is causing quite the carb frenzy.  


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The glorious golden creation  dubbed the Flamin’ Hot Doughnut Grilled Cheese  is ingeniously made up of a sliced savoury habanero-glazed bacon doughnut from a place called The Doughnut Project, and is filled with oozy, stringy mozzarella cheese. The slices are then grilled on both sides, like a toasted cheese sarmie. When the cheese is at the ultimate oozing consistency, the chef, with scientific precision, places the doughnut toastie on a pretzel hook, which allows the cheese to drip into bowl of piping hot tomato soup, naturally.

*Standing ovation*

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