Introducing the woah-nut, the waffle doughnut hybrid you need in your life

It seems impossible, but there is another doughnut hybrid to try. The woah-nut – the love child of a waffle and a doughnut – is being made by Durban baker So Whipped.

“The dough is a mix between doughnut and waffle dough,” explains owner Candice Courtney. It’s pressed in a waffle press, fried, then topped with ice cream, salted caramel sauce and chocolate sprinkles. “It tastes like a doughnut but with the crunch of a waffle,” describes Candice.

She’s waited three months for a special square waffle press to arrive from overseas and, to celebrate perfecting the recipe, the café has also promised to give away free woah-nuts to the first 50 customers this Friday, 14 October (you’ll need to follow them on Instagram to qualify). Find them at Shop G250 at Gateway, Umhlanga.

In addition to the woah-nut, Candice and her team also make beautiful cupcakes in their on-site bakery, as well as cronuts, such as this apple-pie cronut with custard cream, apple purée and salted caramel.



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Or this Bar-One cronut:

Or this cookies-and-cream one:



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They’re also turning out some beautiful custom cakes, like this hand-painted gold one:

How incredible are these fondant flowers?



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Or how about this giant sugar-chocolate chrysanthemum?

They’re also doing hand-painted cakes:



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And if all that sugar is too much, Candice recommends washing it down with some of their superb coffee, roasted by Science Coffee on the North Coast. “The roaster is the only guy in South Africa with a Ph.D. in coffee,” quips Candice.

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