Kit Kat debuts new sake-flavoured chocolate and we are suddenly very thirsty

When it comes to chocolate, we’re not opposed to trying new flavours. Who could resist a salted-caramel slab? Or a peanut-butter-crammed bon bon? We’re even in favour of boozy chocolate (coffee liqueur, anyone?), but we do have a few questions about Nestle Japan’s latest Kit Kat flavour – sake.


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The new edition was unveiled last week, and while the packaging might lead you to think that they’d launched a Kit-Kat-flavoured sake (we would be into that too), the reality is that the beloved chocolate treat has been flavoured with real Japanese rice wine and contains 0.8% alcohol.

The crew at RocketNews24 have done a taste test on the new flavour and declare that the white-chocolate wafers are a revelation, and the glossy, honey-like sake between the layers is perfectly balanced with the subtly sweet exterior.


Japan is certainly no stranger to creating wonderfully weird Kit Kat flavours – just look at this green tea Kit Kat and this cheesecake Kit Kat wizardry – but we’re not entirely convinced this time around. Should you serve it in tiny little cups? How many bars do you need to consume to get a little buzz going? And does it pair well with sushi?

We will have to do some extensive research on the matter. You know, for science.

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