Linden local coffee joint: The Whippet

Our Joburg correspondent, Kristia Van Heerden, reviews The Whippet, a whimsical coffee spot that serves life-changing cappuccinos and deep-fried eggs.

There’s something whimsical about local coffee joints. Picking up a steaming cappuccino on the way to work is exactly what friendly neighbourhood coffee shops are for, even to those of us who don’t take the subway to an office in Manhattan. Situated across the street from veteran Johannesburg favourite The Argentinean, The Whippet brings a breath of modernity to the sleepy suburb of Linden. Along with the usual selection of breakfasts and lunches, The Whippet tantalises the imagination with offerings like deep fried eggs and homemade jams. Delicious though the food may be, it doesn’t hold a candle to The Whippet’s Linden coffee blend, proving that mixing one part Costa Rican with one part Malawian results in a blend that is 100% Jozi. You won’t soon forget your first Whippet cappuccino.

The Whippet is not yet licensed and therefore does not sell any alcohol.

While the waiters are still slightly unfamiliar with the menu and the subtleties of great service, one of the owners is always around to handle grievances or to placate the caffeine deprived. There is a limited number of seats available, so The Whippet doesn’t accept reservations. Prepare to wait for your Saturday morning fix.

With its industrial finishes and modern design, The Whippet is reminiscent of New York coffee joints. Always busy, with the fragrant lure of freshly ground coffee beans and fashionably clad artistic types sipping delicately at skinny cappuccinos, it’s as inviting as it is hip.

The Whippet manages to combine great design with sustainability, locally sourced products and great coffee.

By Kristia van Heerden

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