A living legend: Eat Out Irna van Zyl Food Media Icon

The inaugural Eat Out Irna van Zyl Food Media Icon is Dorah Sitole, who continues to inspire food journalists in South Africa.

Deciding on the first- ever Eat Out Irna van Zyl Food Media Icon was easy: Dorah Sithole has dedicated her life to food publishing. The veritable legend, known reverently and affectionately as Ma Dorah, has taken on many roles in the wide span of her impressive career, from food editor of True Love to author of internationally acclaimed cookbooks, such as the seminal Cooking from Cape To Cairo: A Taste of Africa.

Over the years, Ma Dorah has not only raised awareness for the versatility of South African cuisine, but she’s also shown her incredible love for it as a writer, recipe developer and food stylist.

Dorah serves as a beacon of inspiration for all those entering the industry, and her values are a roadmap for industry stars like Siba Mtongana and Mogau Seshoene (The Lazy Makoti).

“Dorah is a visionary who’s changed, motivated and inspired SA food writers including myself,” said former Fairlady food editor Abigail Donnelly. “You can feel her warmth and generosity in her writing.”

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