Malibongwe Tyilo’s favourite restaurants

“I love Cape Town; it’s my absolute favourite city”, says Eastern Cape-born Malibongwe Tyilo of his adoptive hometown. Editor-at-large of design magazine Visi, Mali knows a thing or two about SA’s hippest hangouts. The former fashion buyer is also well-known for his fabulous blog Skattie what are you wearing?, a photographic diary documenting the best of Cape Town’s progressive street fashion scene. Anything else we need to know about Skattie? He’s the proud father of two cats, a Russian Blue and Russian White. “They’ve both won national awards,” he tells us with a grin.

My favourite place for a pizza
Posticino in Sea Point. I love pizza and I love interesting unusual toppings as much as I love the traditional. For me Posticino strikes the perfect balance. I also have a rather romantic relationship with Sea Point Main Road having lived there and watched it move from a no-go area to desirable over the last decade.

Asian food
Empire Asia, which is also in Sea Point. I love their wide selection of Asian food and the very kitsch décor. Unlike some of the trendier Asian spots in CT, there’s always a table available. Whilst it’s always busy, it’s never full and when it is full it’s because of the busloads of Asian tourists that frequent it for an authentic Asian taste.

A working lunch
Bread, Milk and Honey. I love their simple, wholesome and unpretentious lunch buffet. It’s the perfect place to grab a lunchtime take-away on those days when I need to grab lunch and head straight back to my desk.

A week-day breakfast
Clarke’s on Bree Street. Besides the great vibe amongst its clientele they also make one of my top five best burgers in Cape Town. Be warned though, their food is not for calorie-counters.

A lazy Saturday morning brunch
Superette at the newly renovated Woodstock Exchange. Superette is a total sensory experience, from the amazing food to its refreshing décor. You need to go when you have time to chill; take it easy, enjoy the food, the furniture by some of Cape Town’s edgier designers, the kokedama plants hanging of the ceilings, and the buzz of the creative community at the Exchange.

A romantic dinner
My partner and I both love people and a bit of a buzz, so when we do go out for a romantic dinner it’s always at busy buzzy places, quite opposite of what some may want for a romantic dinner. One of our favorite places for that kind of dinner is Bombay Bicycle Club on Kloof Street.

A blow-the-budget celebratory dinner
Generally anything that’s about celebration I do at home, because I like to celebrate with a large-ish group of friends, and I hate asking people to celebrate with me and then asking them to settle their part of the bill. Home makes it easier for me to party with them and treat them without having to worry about limits. My neighbours hate me.

An end-of-the-month weekday dinner
Takumi. I love their sushi, especially their tempura sushi. I’m not big on deep-fried food but what they do with tempura is something else.

Buying bread
I’m not fussy about bread, I’ll eat pretty much any kind. However, since the beginning of the year my partner roped me into a New Year’s resolution to stay away from all store-bought bread. If we must eat bread, it has to be baked at home, so we’ve experimenting. Sometimes it works; sometimes it flops. To be honest with you though I’ve cheated on that resolution with several store-bought sandwiches.

Ordering birthday cake
Charly’s Bakery. I actually haven’t tried very many places. But the first time I went to Charly’s for a birthday cake a few years ago I was sold and I haven’t looked back since.

Market-style shopping
It’s probably the most obvious market in Cape Town, but there’s still no market that beats the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill. The variety of awesome and tantalising options is great, and oh-so-bad for someone like me who has tendencies towards second and third servings. I do take something home too, though.

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