Is this Mexican street-side snack crazy or genius?

We may have mastered easily transportable street food here in South Africa – in the form of bunny chow, gatsbys and kotas – but we have to admit the Mexicans have perfected the art with their Dorilocos.

A portmanteau of Doritos, the international nacho chip brand, and loco, meaning ‘crazy’ in Spanish, Dorilocos refers to a common snack served in half a Doritos bag with a little plastic fork for easy eating. The team at Eater reports that Dorilocos have been around for years now, and that Nacho Cheese flavour is most traditional, although local Doritos fans will notice that the Mexican packaging is fiery red versus our mustard yellow sibling. 

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Served by a street-side vendor, the nachos are topped with anything from cubes of fresh cucumber and onion, grated carrots and peanuts to little pork bits and even jelly babies, before being smothered in lashings of terrifyingly bright hot sauce, powdered chilli sprinkle, and squirts of lime juice. The result is a beautiful hot mess of sour, salty and sweet flavours and loads of texture.

In theory they are aimed at kids for (presumably unsupervised) after-school snacks, but in practice Dorilocos are enjoyed by people of all ages, most likely emboldened by a few bottles of beer or cider. Just look at the thousands of photos tagged #Dorilocos on Instagram for proof. What would you put in your shiny foil parcel of Dorilocos? Tell us in the comments below.

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