New review: Pretoria’s Burger Bistro will convert any disbelievers

Don’t mess around when you go to Burger Bistro, says Diane de Beer. You know why you’re there: innovative burgers, excellent fries and creative milkshakes.

The food

This place will convert you even if you think you don’t like burgers. They’re innovative with their range, from the Miss Piggy with halloumi, streaky bacon and salami to the Mr Miyagi with wasabi mayo, fresh rocket and mushrooms. They’ve also made sure that they get all the basics – like the juicy 200g meat patty and sesame seed bun ­– just right. (They offer a smaller size for more delicate appetites.) The fries are excellent and they have a few steaks and open sandwiches on offer, but you know why you’re here. Don’t mess around; get straight to the burgers.

The drinks

One of the Burger Bistro partners is a wine specialist, so they offer an adventurous choice of vino, from the DeMorgenzon Sauvignon Blanc to the Glen Carlou Shiraz. Their milkshakes come in exciting flavours like rose, watermelon and peanut butter.

A burger meal at the Burger Bistro. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

A burger meal at the Burger Bistro. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The service

It’s a small space and it’s usually pumping, so service can be slow, but it always comes with a smile.

The ambience

There’s a rollin’ rhythm to the place. They’ve kept it simple with a 50s rock ’n roll feel and cheerful red dominating the colour scheme. The menus and hamburger names give a nod to classic music and movies.


They also serve at tables out on the pavement in this sleepy part of town, which adds to the Burger Bistro charm.

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