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A country’s authentic cuisine is a window to its soul. When we taste meals and flavours from different places, we can learn something about their culture and history almost as though we’ve travelled there ourselves. Today South Africans have a deliciously diverse range of cuisines at our fingertips so we can travel through food without even leaving home.

Want to travel through cuisine? It’s easy to do it with Mr D Food. Here are five restaurants boasting global flavours around SA that can be delivered to your door.

Taste Italy

Pronto (Johannesburg)

This neighbourhood Italian spot is made for those with a powerful passion for pasta. It prides itself in producing over 70,000 pastas per year, with a selection of over 25 deliciously different pasta dishes. Return to a classic favourite like the penne arrabiata or switch things up with something like the creamy beef, spinach and pine-nut linguine. Whatever you decide on, this local favourite is sure to transport your taste buds with imported ingredients and traditional recipes.


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Taste South Africa

Braai Block (Pretoria)

As exciting as it is to taste the flavours of the world, nothing tastes like home. If you’re dreaming about braai food with all seven colours included, place an order at Pretoria’s Braai Block to build a plate balancing your favourite meats, starches and sides. Think wors rolls and brisket, spinach and corn maize, pap and chakalaka and more. It’s Sunday lunch without any of the hassle. What’s more modern South Africa than a braai delivery?


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Taste Thailand

Ubon (Cape Town)

Sea Point’s Ubon describes its menu as freshly, colourfully and authentically Thai. From the crispy to the creamy and the spicy to the stir-fried, Thai specialities can be enjoyed wherever you are with a delivery from this delectable menu. Among favourites are the crispy duck, geang hew-wan (green curry) and ba me prik phao (chilli paste cashew noodles). And don’t forget to include nibbles like the crispy wontons and prawn tempura – you won’t regret it.


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Taste Mexico

Salsa Mexican Grill (Bloemfontein)

Make your way to Mexico with this menu. Salsa Mexican Grill promises healthy, traditional Mexican cooking with a modern twist. Bursting with colour and flavour, the menu offers burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas and even deconstructed nacho kits for you to build at home. Order Salsa Mexican Grill to get the fresh, spicy and zesty flavours of Mexico brought to your front door.


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Taste India

Britannia Hotel (Durban)

Inside the Britannia Hotel is an iconic local institution for India-meets-Durban cuisine. Offering curries, bunny chows, seafood and grills, the hotel’s restaurant is the pinnacle of Indian food made on SA’s East Coast. As well as its much-loved meat dishes such as the mutton bunny, chops chutney and sumptuous prawns, Hotel Britannia offers vegetarian options in abundance, from breyani to bunnies. For traditional Indian flavours with a South African seaside influence, place an order at this Durban hotspot.

Capsicum crab curry

Crab curry at Capsicum. Photo supplied.

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