Partner content: The new point-of-sale trend on Bree Street

It seems as though every time you drive down Cape Town’s bustling Bree Street there’s a new trendsetting restaurant to try out. The once-quiet road is now filled with everything from a music-themed coffee shop to a bacon emporium.

Restauranteurs are innovating fast and introducing international food trends to local foodies. A number of these businesses are not only ahead of the game when it comes to cocktails, coffee and culinary delights, they’ve also switched to a new point-of-sale system that has streamlined the way they run.

Bar with drinks

Businesses like Hard Pressed Café, Bacon on Bree, Door 221 and Issi have said goodbye to clunky card machines and outdated software, and introduced a new intuitive system. They now use a powerful integrated solution, thanks to a partnership between Yoco and TabletPOS. Yoco’s mobile card readers and app integrate directly with the iPad point-of-sale system from TabletPOS (powered by iKentoo).

How does this system make business better?

Yaron Wiesenbacher, co-owner of Hard Pressed

Yaron Wiesenbacher, co-owner of Hard Pressed.

“Absolute game changer.” – Yaron Wiesenbacher, co-owner of Hard Pressed Café

Firstly, when using TabletPOS, all orders are entered directly into an iPod, for waitstaff at the tables, or an iPad, for orders placed at a counter. These orders are processed instantly and sent directly to the kitchen or bar, saving staff the time and hassle of manually sending through requests. This also reduces the risk of the wrong order being placed with the kitchen, or worse, no order being placed at all.

When customers would like to pay by card, the waitron simply connects their Yoco card reader to the iPod or iPad and accepts the payment.

Yoco keypad

The second key benefit comes in when it’s time to cash up. Counting slips and sorting out tips is a time-consuming nightmare, usually done after a long day – or night.

Rare is the restaurant manager who doesn’t hate cash-up and the complications that come with it. That’s all in the past now. With the Yoco and TabletPOS integration, cash-up becomes a breeze as all your card payments are recorded digitally. There are no more slips – you simply add up the total. As a result, you’re able to save time and work more accurately. There is less chance for human error and the risk of staff fraud is eliminated.

Stress-free setup and support

Luke Williams, owner of Culture Club Cheese

Luke Williams, owner of Culture Club Cheese.

“When setting up my business I was promised that many things would be simple. Yoco and TabletPOS was the only thing that actually was.” – Luke Williams, owner of Culture Club Cheese

Businesses owners no longer have to worry about complex lock-in accounts, expensive card machine rentals or the joys of dealing with a bank. Yoco and TabletPOS can be set up in less than a week. The card readers are a once-off purchase, and there are no surprise admin fees. The best part is that Yoco is bank-independent, meaning you don’t have to change your bank. In fact, you don’t need to involve your bank at all.

With it being a tablet-based system, the hardware it runs on is inherently stable; the power comes from the battery and is unaffected by power cuts. In addition, friendly support staff are on hand to answer your call, improve your workflow and train your staff when needed.

This solution is available across South Africa and has already been adopted by hundreds of restaurants, cafés and take-aways – and the number is growing each day. Other notable restaurants using TabletPOS and/or Yoco include Truth Coffee, Beerhouse, Café Caprice, Hell’s Kitchen, Bacon on Bree, Aroma Café, Jarryd’s Espresso Bar, Lizette’s Kitchen, The Orphanage Cocktail Emporium, Sushi Box and many more.

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