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With the expanding range of South Africa’s locally produced products that is loved all over SA, it’s safe to say that we are a nation that puts our heart into everything we do. The very same can be said about the producers of African Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Every olive that goes into African Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil becomes part of our story – a story of quality, passion, unity and pride. Born of the fertile South African soil and blessed by the rays of her sun, the olives we use are sourced solely from local farms across the region by the hands of our people. 

It takes some work to coax oil out of olives, but with an intense passion for locally produced perfection, their unique way of tending olive trees, along with those family secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation, African Gold have mastered their craft. From the early morning dedication of those faithful farmers to the local inspiration of their label design, everything about this delectable golden oil sings proudly South African.

Nurtured in the groves of our fertile land and blessed by our bold African sun, this local delight embodies a sense of family, togetherness and determination. Every blissful batch carries the vision of creating more job opportunities, bettering trading standards, uplifting communities and improving our nation’s future. There are so many memorable stories to be shared by its farmers, producers and consumers alike, not only about the art of creating olive oil, but how it has changed lives.

Invigorated with our vibrant South African culture and spirit, this premium olive oil is perfect for finishing over meats, vegetables, pasta and bread but also tame enough for your favourite salad. This perfectly balanced, medium intensity, extra virgin olive oil has made its way to many a family braai, potjie pot or kitchen table. Pressed with love, cured to perfection and inspired by flavour, with a herbaceous taste and just the right peppery finish, every bite embodies the love story of turning olives into oil.

Drizzle for a taste of home, the taste that is African Gold.

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