Where to find hunger-busting waffles in Pretoria

Exquisitely crispy on the outside and almost impossibly fluffy in the centre, a well-crafted waffle is surely the ultimate antidote to life’s more trying moments. Here’s where to find your fix in the capital city.

Aroma Gelato and Waffle Lounge (Lynwood)

Although Aroma has branched out, the original joint in Lynwood is a sweet little sidewalk spot and pretty much nirvana for waffle fans. Pick your favourite gelato flavour and pair it with a gloriously crisp waffle – the perfect match for all that cold and creamy goodness, and an ideal combo to welcome the summer season. For a truly indulgent treat, try the gelato and crumbed cookie waffle sandwich. Also keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-released savoury waffle options.

Capital Craft (Menlo Park)

This epic kuierplekis one of the capital city’s top craft beer and burger joints, but don’t miss out on the dessert menu, which features four exquisite waffle options. Try the legendary bacon butterscotch waffle – a fluffy Belgian-style waffle that comes topped with vanilla ice cream, a decadent butterscotch sauce and crispy bacon bits. A more traditional alternative is the classic waffle, which is served with chocolate ice cream and chocolate-pistachio truffles.


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Harrie’s Pancakes (Arcadia)

Harrie’s might be famous for their pancakes, but there’s another, equally appealing reason to visit this much-loved spot in Arcadia: the breakfast waffle. Served with three rashers of bacon, two eggs done to your liking and topped with a decadent drizzle of syrup, there’s nothing newfangled or complex – just the perfect amount of yummy topics that together make for the ultimate hangover cure. Another equally appealing option is the plain waffle served with ice cream and syrup: pure deliciousness served sommer net so.


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Khaleo (Hazelwood)

This colourful little café in the heart of Hazelwood has built up a loyal fanbase for its exceptional coffee, light meals and baked goods. The menu is innovative and refreshing, and features intriguing meal options and unusual flavour combinations. The waffle of the day is no exception: whether it’s the breakfast waffle loaded with eye-wateringly delicious goodies, or a sweet option served with grilled pineapple, cream and honey.


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Royal Danish (Colbyn)

Royal Danish is one of Pretoria’s most iconic ice cream spots, gladdening the hearts of gelato fans with signature flavours like royal pecan and Copenhagen. You’d be smart to forego the cone and team those exquisite scoops of ice cream with a freshly made waffle instead. Plus, Royal Danish is open until 9pm, making it your waffle emergency destination of choice.

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