Prince William reveals he’s a fan of South African chain restaurant

He might be heir to the British throne, but it seems it’s not all scones and pheasant in Prince William’s household. Whilst attending a joint Commonwealth Business and Youth forum event, William revealed he’s a fan of Nando’s. Speaking to founder Robbie Brozin at the event, the future king said he was introduced to the South African-born chicken restaurant group by one of his security officers. Pointing the officer out, William said, “This man here is your biggest fan. He introduced me to Nando’s; it’s very good, he should buy a stake in Nando’s.”

“What this gathering represents is a connection based on empathy, compassion and a shared desire to make our world a better place. There is no other network on earth that even comes close to this – we must make the most of it, cherish it, and protect it for the generations to come, who will build on it. And let's start this week – you represent millions of diverse voices, so use your combined intellect and creativity to challenge the status quo and to push the boundaries of what the Commonwealth is capable of.” Tonight The Duke of Cambridge is attended The Welcome to the UK reception to mark the start of #CHOGM2018. The Welcome Reception is being held for around 2000 delegates in business, civil society and youth-led organisations from across the Commonwealth, many of whom which are visiting the UK for the first time.

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(So technically the story is that Prince William’s bodyguard is a fan of Nando’s, but that the Duke himself also thinks “It’s very good”.)

The revelation was nevertheless greeted with glee by the British press, which took the opportunity to make a variety of bad puns. (“It’s peri peri nice,” quipped Sky News, while The Times greeted the news with the phrase ‘Chicken Royale’. Which is probably how we’ll refer to Nando’s chicken from now on…)

Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, David Beckham, Ricky Gervais and Rihanna are reportedly also fans.

The chicken chain is a hit in the UK, where it’s adopted a slightly more upmarket identity as a sit-down restaurant. The brand has also made the news in recent years after the phrase “Go out for a cheeky Nandos” caused some Tumblr users to question Britains’ usage of the English language. Serious British paper The Telegraph helpfully addressed the issue, as did Buzzfeed.

Bonus picture: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make pretzels. You’re welcome.

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