Review: Indulge in a cocoa overdose at Honest Chocolate Café in Cape Town

The Eat Out editorial team trades lunch for a cocoa overdose at Honest Chocolate Café on Wale Street in Cape Town, sister to the Honest Chocolate store at the Woodstock Exchange.


If salads and sandwiches are what you’re looking for, consider yourself warned: you won’t find anything that boring on this menu. Instead, it boasts a seemingly endless array of items made with their signature raw chocolate that’s free from preservatives and artificial flavourings.

Tempting options include bon bon truffles (R45), chocolate macarons (R12), Honest dark chocolate cake (R35) and double-chocolate macadamia nut brownies (R20). For something completely different, try the justifiably popular banana ‘bunny chow’ (R48), a freshly baked banana mini loaf filled with macadamia chocolate spread and served with vanilla ice cream (or the dairy-free option made with coconut milk). The soft, fluffy banana bread balances out the rich, dark chocolate spread, with the ice cream bringing the dish to creamy completion. Also adventurous – and surprisingly delicious – is the chocolate ‘guacamole’ with crispy salted nachos and chilli flakes on the side (R48). The dark choc-coconut macaroon tart (R35) and the sweet potato chocolate-chunk brownie with a scoop of ice cream (R37) are further interesting options.

Chocolate guacamole with nachos and chilli flakes at Honest Chocolate Café

Chocolate guacamole with nachos and chilli flakes at Honest Chocolate Café


Without having to ask, we receive glasses of refreshing citrus water – quite clever of them to prepare their customers for the sweetness to come. Their drinks menu includes classics like chocolate and vanilla milkshakes for R35 (also available dairy free), and a sometimes an additional flavour of the day when the chef is able to set aside time and be creative. Other drinks to try are the short and thick hot chocolate (R25), with a spoon of brown sugar to sweeten it slightly. The latté (R20) is part of their Honest brew range, and can be made with soy milk too. The daring should opt for their chilli choc chai tea (R18) with some hot milk to neutralise the heat.

Honest Chocolate Café. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Honest Chocolate Café. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.


The modern, chic space with its intimate atmosphere allows for conversations to take place as soft background music plays. Sunny weather calls for alfresco dining, so we move through to the Mexican-styled courtyard at the back to sit at one of the trestle tables near the water feature.
Adjoining the courtyard is a beautiful Victorian-styled gin bar, with an antique cash register to complete the look, and the doorway to Commune 1 art gallery. The aroma of cocoa treats baking (and slightly burning) while you relax outside in the afternoon sun adds to the rich chocolate experience.


If your plan is to grab something quickly, the courtyard is probably not the best place to sit, as service outside tends to be a bit more relaxed. The staff are a friendly bunch and are quite keen to assist without hovering too much.


They have plenty of vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options on their menu, so those with special dietary requirements can enjoy the good things in life too.
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